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Theory of Mind Inventory Assessments:

Theory of Mind Inventory-2 (ToMI-2): Nationally-normed, well-validated informant broadband measure. Electronic administration and scoring makes this easy to use for research, diagnosis, screening, and treatment planning. Ages 2+

Theory of Mind Task Battery (ToMTB): A developmentally-sequenced direct performance measure. Ages 6+

Theory of Mind Inventory: Self Report – Adult (ToMI:SR-A): A validated self-report measure for adults with good language and reading skills (9th grade level). Ages 18+

We also offer educational resources and treatment materials!

Authors: Tiffany L. Hutchins, Ph.D., Patricia A. Prelock, Ph.D, CCC-SLP, & Laura Bonazinga-Bouyea, M.S., CCC-SLP

Contact information: [email protected] (homepage)

Year: 2019       Testing Time for each measure: 8-12 minutes        Language: English

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YouTube tutorial on the Theory of Mind Inventory-2


Highlights of the ToMI-2:

  • HIPAA-compliant web-based administration/report generation (see a sample of our interactive reports) but paper administration an option.
  • Normed on a diverse U.S. sample (n > 800) in terms of region, race/ethnicity, and education and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Guidelines assist the examiner in interpreting results and identifying treatment goals.
  • Sensitive in identification of high functioning individuals with subtle theory of mind challenges.
  • Reliability and validity ratings are exceptionally strong with raw, percentile, and standard scores at subscale and item levels.
  • Speech language pathologists, psychologists, teachers of the deaf, occupational therapists, educators, early interventionists, and other professionals will find this test useful and thorough.
  • The ToMI-2 can be used to identify a disorder, document treatment gains, collect data for research, and assist in targeted instruction and intervention goals for IEPs and Section 504 Plans.
  • Purchase your own package or share a package with other professionals/sites using a fully HIPAA-compliant platform.


Early subscale: taps theory of mind abilities that typically emerge in late infancy and toddlerhood. Examples include gaze monitoring, joint attention, and social referencing.

Basic subscale: taps theory of mind abilities that typically emerge in the preschool years. Examples include metarepresentation, theory of mind based action, seeing-leads-to-knowing, and false belief understanding.

Advanced subscale: taps theory of mind abilities that typically emerge in late childhood but continue into adolescence. Examples include second-order false belief, sarcasm, and complex social judgment.

Emotion Recognition subscale: taps ability to recognize a variety of emotions. Examples include recognition of basic and complex emotions and ability to discriminate emotions.

Mental State Term Comprehension subscale: taps understanding of mental state terms. Examples include understanding the terms ‘want’ and ‘think’ and ‘know’ and speech acts like ‘promise.’

Pragmatics subscale: taps understanding of pragmatic and metalinguistic aspects of language. Examples include the understanding of idiomatic language, play on words, and audience adaptation.


A ToMI-2 subscription can be shared by multiple users/sites using a fully HIPAA-compliant platform: simply share your login and password!

The Full ToMI-2 Package ($295.00) is a one year or 25 report subscription (whichever occurs first). The full package is also available in increments of 50 reports ($375.00) per year or 100 reports ($600.00) for 1.5 years. All of these packages include access to all ToMI-2 measures (full measure, toddler screen, self-report), online and paper-and-pencil administration, web-based scoring and report generation, and the following downloadable electronic documents:

  • The Theory of Mind Inventory-2 (ToMI-2; informant measure of ToM; electronic or paper administration and report generation)
  • The Theory of Mind Task Battery (ToMTB; direct-performance measure of ToM; paper administration only)
  • The Theory of Mind Atlas (see below)
  • The Treatment Materials Room (see below)

Alternative Packages:

Alternative packages come in two increments: a one year or 5 report subscription (whichever occurs first; $80.00) or a one year or 10 report subscription (whichever occurs first; $120.00) that includes access to all ToMI-2 measures (full measure, toddler screen, self-report), online and paper-and-pencil administration, web-based scoring and report generation, and the following downloadable electronic documents:

  • The Theory of Mind Inventory-2 (ToMI-2)
  • The Theory of Mind Atlas (see description below)

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What is the Theory of Mind Task Battery?

The ToMI-2 has a powerful sister-tool known as the Theory of Mind Task Battery (ToMTB). Whereas the ToMI-2 is a caregiver-informant measure, the ToMTB is a measure of direct child performance. The ToMI-2 and the ToMTB were codeveloped and each have Early, Basic, and Advanced subscales. In contrast to the ToMI-2 which is a broadband (and more comprehensive) assessment that tests children’s ability to solve theory of mind problems in the real world, the ToMTB samples a more limited range of knowledge and skill areas but it does so under the most supported conditions. Therefore, using the two tools in conjunction reveal a fuller portrait of theory of mind for any given individual. Comprehensive guidance for using and interpreting these two tools when used in conjunction is offered in our manuals and other resources. To learn more about the ToMTB, see our YouTube Tutorial.

What is the Theory of Mind Inventory: Self Report – Adult (ToMI-SR-Adult)?

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! We are excited to announce the debut of a new measure specifically designed to assess the most advanced aspects of theory of mind! The Theory of Mind Inventory: SR-Adult (ToMI-SR-Adult) is a new self-report norm-referenced measure of advanced theory of mind. It has all new content and was validated on adults (age 18+) with and without ASD. Items on this measure tap advanced aspects of social cognition. For example:

  • Non-literal language (jokes, verbal irony, metaphor)
  • Time perception
  • Cognitive and affective empathy
  • Social perception and social awareness
  • Receptive and expressive pragmatics
  • Episodic memory, future thinking, and counterfactual thinking

Sorry, the ToMI-SR-Adult is not currently available for online administration and scoring (only paper/pencil hand scoring version is possible). The good news is though, that this is one-time purchase that you download and own for life (so unlimited use). Purchase includes the ToMI-SR-Adult Technical Manual, the ToMI-SR-Adult Norms Book, and forms to assist in scoring and interpretation.

What is the Theory of Mind Atlas?

There has been a TREMENDOUS amount of research on theory of mind: so much so that it is easy to feel like “we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge” (John Naisbitt).

Do you ever feel like it is just too difficult to keep track of all of the research on theory of mind? Do you ever get confused about different theory of mind concepts and have trouble keeping the terminology straight? So do we! To address this challenge, our research team is developing a comprehensive map of theory of mind concepts and summarizing the best evidence for each concept.

The Theory of Mind Atlas (ToMA) is now freely available to all subscribers and registrants of this site! The ToMA offers a ‘primer’ for each item on the Theory of Mind Inventory-2. Each primer provides a condensed evidence-based summary that: 

  • Defines the theory of mind concept
  • Describes related cognitive achievements
  • Reviews the typical developmental course
  • Summarizes the research on how that theory of mind concept is affected in ASD, ADHD, and those with HEARING LOSS.

Each subcomponent of theory of mind has its own evidence-base and each makes a unique contribution to social-cognitive functioning. At present, the ToMA offers primers for over 35 different theory of mind concepts. The ToMA – a large-scale ongoing project – is continually being updated and expanded. The ToMA is a resource that helps professionals keep up-to-date while they:

  • explore the scope/dimensionality of theory of mind
  • communicate with colleagues/caregivers about the nature and importance of different theory of mind domains
  • identify specific treatment targets and treatment approaches



“I just wanted to share that I absolutely love using these. I use your materials everyday with the kids on my caseload, they have become essential. What’s more,  I can see them learning.  I feel like I can see the wheels turning in their minds when we do your therapy activities.” ~ Guy, SLP

 We have been working hard to develop treatment materials to support theory of mind development in individuals who vary widely in their age and language ability. We are constantly updating and adding materials to support all levels of social cognitive development: from the earliest and most foundational theory of mind skills to the latest and most complex! All of our treatment materials are evidence-aligned and the evidence base supporting our best practice approaches are always described.

We offer downloadable: Electronic Flip Books as well as no and low-Prep Activities. The best part? Many are ZOOM friendly!

Our current materials target a wide range of theory of mind skills including, but not limited to:

Basic Emotion Recognition!

Desire-Based Emotion!

The Appearance-Reality Distinction!

The Mental-Physical Distinction!

Social Common Sense!

Episodic Memory!

Seeing Leads to Knowing!


Situation-Based Emotion!

Mixed Emotions!

White Lies!

Sarcasm (verbal irony)!

Visual Perspective Taking!

Prospective Memory!


Verbal Humor Comprehension!


A Comprehensive Theatre-Based Social Communication Intervention!

Oh, and COMING SOON: Display Rules!

In light of this Covid-19 crisis, we would like to make the following treatment materials FREE. Here are a few that we hope you will find helpful in your work. Thank you for all you do to support individuals with social learning challenges…stay safe and well!

This E-Book teaches the concepts of liking and wanting: a foundational and early emerging theory of mind skill. This book can be paired with the activities here.



This E-Book teaches perspective taking through the use of ambiguous figures. This book can be paired with the teaching activities here.



This E-Book teaches the concept of social common sense. This book can be paired with the teaching activities here and here.





Interested in our ASHA approved Theory of Mind CEU courses?

Our online Theory of Mind CEU courses describe theory of mind and its implications for children with ASD, highlight the challenges in current assessment approaches and offer an innovative approach to theory of mind assessment that is both content valid and easy to use. Further, the presenters link assessment to intervention, demonstrating a profile approach to understanding theory of mind in individual children with ASD. Case examples are presented that link assessment to intervention targets. And the best part? You earn CEUs from a high-quality course that you take at your leisure!!!

To learn more, see a preview, or sign up, please visit:

Theory of Mind CEU course/Part 1: assessment

Theory of Mind CEU course/Part 2: clinical application

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