Russian Adaptation

For more information about the Russian adaptation of the ToMI, please contact:

Melehin Alexey Igorevich

Graduate student of laboratory of psychology of development of Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia, Moscow)
Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist of the Consulting and diagnostic center No. 2.
Moscow, 107564 Millionnaya street, 6

Phone: (499) 169-41-21, (499) 169-42-20

The children’s psychologist of Kindergarten No. 437 for children with a delay of mental development.
107150, Moscow, Bulvar Marshala Rokossovskogo, D. a 26.

Phone: 8(499) 160-28-01
Email: [email protected]

Professor Elena Alekseevna Sergiyenko

Doctor of Psychological Sciences
Head of the Laboratory of Developmental Psychology of Institute of Psychology Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Yaroslavskaya str., 13
Moscow, 129366

Phone: +7-495-6833809
Fax: +7-495-6829201
Email: [email protected]