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Dear Theory of Mind Inventory users:

The Theory of Mind Inventory is now in its second edition: the ToMI-2 has norms based on a large and diverse sample, expanded content (including additional subscales), can be used for anyone over age 2, and has a toddler screen and self-report version!

The developers of the ToMI are gratified by the widespread interest and positive reviews received from service -providers and researchers from across the globe. To secure the resources necessary to further advance the tool, the ToMI-2 is now available for purchase but users are encouraged to sign up for a FREE TRIAL.

The FREE TRIAL allows you to administer the ToMI-2 to a client and generate a report. Users of the original site will quickly notice that the reports generated by the ToMI-2 are quite muscular by contrast. The new reports provide a variety of data (raw, percentile, standard scores) in a variety of ways and offer unique tools to guide treatment planning.

Please visit us at and link to the “Product Information” tab to sign up for your FREE TRIAL. Just enter your name and contact information (no credit card number is required for the free trial) and then create a user log in and password. That’s it! Hope to see you there.