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Dear Theory of Mind Inventory users:

The Theory of Mind Inventory is now in its second edition: the ToMI-2 has norms based on a large and diverse sample, expanded content (including additional subscales), can be used for anyone over age 2, and has a toddler screen and self-report version!

The developers of the ToMI are gratified by the widespread interest and positive reviews received from service -providers and researchers from across the globe. To secure the resources necessary to further advance the tool, the ToMI-2 is now available for purchase from our product page.

Users of the original site will quickly notice that the reports generated by the ToMI-2 are quite muscular by contrast. The new reports provide a variety of data (raw, percentile, standard scores) in a variety of ways and offer unique tools to guide treatment planning.

Please visit us at and link to the “Product Information”. Hope to see you there.